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As the demand for online services continues to
 What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself  increase, digital changes are making an impact
        on the real estate and title industries including                The process  of signing  paperwork
        the notarizing process.                                          using  audio-visual  technology to

                                                                         appear  before  a  notary  instead  of
        Remote Online Notarization (RON) is one of
        the  newest developments,  and Pioneer  Title                    being physically present.
        Agency is proud to be a leader in the industry
        offering this service.

        This  is  an  exciting  new  advancement  that                                           What are
        has  the  potential  to  eliminate  hiccups  that
        could previously stop a closing in its tracks.                                               you
        Customers who are out of town, cannot make                               I am
        an appointment during business hours, or do                                                doing?
        not want to commit to a single signing time,                         signing my
        now  have  another  option.  Pioneer  Title  is                closing documents
        delighted to add RON to its toolbox of ways to
        provide excellent service and convenience to                      while I eat this
        its customers.                                                          steak.                  Is it

        RON may not be available for all transactions,
        so contact your escrow officer to discuss your                                               magic?!
        options.                                                           No, it’s…

        Contact your local                                                 RON!

        Pioneer Title office

        and meet RON today!


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