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        THE SELLER GENERALLY PAYS FOR:                                                 NEGOTIATED

            + Owner’s title insurance policy premium                                   TERMS:
            + Real estate commission                                                   There are many
            + Half of the escrow fee                                                   opportunities for
            + Any seller concessions specified in the purchase contract                negotiation in a home sale
            + Payoff plus any fees, charges, and/or penalties and interest on all      beyond the price of the
            loans made by the Seller, including statement fees, reconveyance           property. Some things that
            fees, and/or prepayment fees                                               are typically negotiated are
            + Any encumbrance of record against the Seller                             closing cost credits, closing
            + Recording charges to clear all documents of record against the           date, inspection repairs,
            Seller                                                                     HOA transfer fee and home
            + Home warranty if specified in the purchase contract                      warranties. All terms will
            + Prorated property taxes and/or delinquent taxes to date of close         be documented in the
            + Unpaid HOA dues or assessments of record (if applicable)                 Purchase Contract. Decide
            + HOA Disclosure Statement (if applicable)                                 what is important to you,
                                                                                       and ask your real estate
                                                                                       agent if there is something
                                                                                       you want to negotiate.

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