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                INSPECTOR               The property inspector is sent out to determine whether encroachments
                                        and/or broken priority exist.
                     (IF APPLICABLE)

                         LOAN           The loan officer is a representative of a bank or other financial institution
                     OFFICER            and helps the Buyer identify their borrowing options and understand the
                     (IF APPLICABLE)    terms of their loan.

                APPRAISER               An appraiser is a professional, usually selected by the lender, who will

                     (IF APPLICABLE)    perform a market analysis and assess the current value of the property.

                        HOME            The home inspector objectively judges the condition of the home and its
                INSPECTOR               systems/components and searches for pests or pest damage. They will

                     (IF APPLICABLE)    provide a detailed report to the Buyers.
                INSURANCE               An insurance agent helps the Buyer determine the proper coverage and
                       AGENT            policy needed to protect the property.

                      (IF APPLICABLE)
                       ESTATE           Sometimes a real estate attorney may be consulted by the Buyer and/or
                                        Seller to provide advice on any legal aspect of the transaction such as the
                ATTORNEY                purchase contract or ways to take title.
                      (IF APPLICABLE)

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