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            TITLE INSURANCE?

              we're all about


            From Harmful UV Rays AND Property Title Losses                       *


        •  Defects in the title to your          •  Loss if your existing
            property including unrecorded            improvements including lawns,
            easements, forgeries, or other           shrubbery or trees are damaged
            undisclosed contract issues.             due to future exercise of a right
        •  Loss due to unknown                       of use for the surface of the land
            encumbrances on your title such          for minerals, water, or any other
            as liens, judgments, or security         substance.
            instruments.                         •  Loss if a taxing authority

        •  Title claims to the property              assesses supplemental real
            as a result of fraud, forgery,           estate taxes not previously
            or incompetence of the party             assessed against the property
            conveying the property.                  prior to the policy date.

        •  Loss due to a violation of            •  Loss in the event the legal
            subdivision law or regulation            description of the residence
            which affects your ability to            purchased is not the same as
            obtain a building permit, correct        shown on the final title policy.
            or remove the violation, or          •  Loss if the title to the property
            remove any existing structuresin         is unmarketable which allows
            violation.                               another party not to perform on

        •  Lack of legal access to the               a purchase contract to purchase
            property.                                the land, lease it, or make a
                                                     mortgage loan on it.
        •  Loss if you are forced to
            remove structures because they       *Some  policies  may be  subject  to policy
            encroach on your neighbor’s          deductibles.  For  all  covered  risks  see  a
                                                 copy  of  the  title  policy  which  includes
            property, over an easement or        deductible amounts.
            building set-back line.

                                                                                                 Beau Bullard (Pav Way)
                                                                               Pioneer Title Agency                9
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