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        to         COMMUNITY

        We know  we have an important
        role to play within our communities,
        which  is  why Pioneer  Title  has
        always encouraged branches  to
        identify  specific  needs  within
        their community and get involved.

        Donating     to    local   charities,
        sponsoring sports  teams, and
        using the products  and services
        of other local businesses are a                                     $50k
        few examples of how we support
        our community. Some  years the
        entire company unites to support                                      raised for the
        a specific philanthropic cause.
                                                                                 AZ Trail

                                                                                                  TAKE A HIKE
                               800                                              “Take a Hike”  was our 2015

                                 miles hiked                                    Pioneer  Title  Agency and the
                                                                                Arizona National Scenic Trail’s 30th
                                 collectively                                   anniversaries. Our team set a goal
                                                                                of raising $30,000 for the Arizona
                                                                                Trail.  Team members adopted
                                                                                sections  of  the  trail  to  complete,
                                                                                and between February and  June
                                                                                of 2015, they traversed the entire
                                                                                800  mile  trail!  At  the  same  time,
                                                                                they blew the fundraising goal out
                                                                                of the desert, raising approximately
        6         ARIZ  NA
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