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          Facebook @PioneerTitleAgencyArizona              In 2018, over 11,000 victims in the US alone were
          Instagram @PioneerTitleAgency                    affected by real estate related wire fraud, totalling over
            Website                          $149M.
                                                           Protect yourself from wire fraudsters looking   - PAGE -
                                                           for a quick payday.  They are crafty!          14
        “Our success is directly linked to our people -
        some of whom have been with us since day        GENERAL
        one.  Beyond our real estate prowess, which is
        sizeable, our people and ‘local first’ company
        culture are what we are most proud of.”            04      WHO IS PIONEER TITLE AGENCY
        - Bob Newlon
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                                                           08      ALL ABOUT TITLE INSURANCE

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                                                           14      PROTECT YOURSELF FROM WIRE FRAUD

                                                           15      MEET RON - REMOTE ONLINE NOTARIZATION

                                                            16     WHO PAYS WHAT
        Keith and Cindy Newlon (Sierra Vista Main)
                                                           18      COMMITMENT FOR TITLE
           Cover Photograph of Sedona, Arizona by
          Desha Jackson at our Tucson River branch.
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