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Whether it  is providing a  work     that  he has built  a team  that
                                             environment that is comfortable      is  committed  to  Pioneer  Title
                                             and  conducive  to  productivity,     and the  mission  to provide the
                                             or the latest  technology tools,     best  service possible  to our
                                             Pioneer Title is eager to provide    customers. He  works hard and
                                             these amenities to create a happy    expects  his team  to  work hard
                                             and healthy team. However,           too. We are excellent at what we
                                             the  support  goes  well beyond      do and have been providing our
                                             business. It does not start at 8     services for over 30 years.
                                             AM and end at 5 PM.                  We are excited to welcome YOU
                                             This team is family always,          into this Pioneer family because,
                                             and  when someone is facing          as our customer, we care deeply
                                             adversity, Keith and the company     about  protecting  you.  As  an
                                             are there to help those in need.     Arizona  company,  we  live and
                                             Whether they or their family is      work in the  same  community
                                             affected by an illness, injury, or   as  you,  and Pioneer  Title  is
                                             another form  of hardship  they      always eager to support  local
                                             will be supported.  In turn, this    non-profits  and  causes  through
                                             level of support allows our team     our    extensive     philanthropy
                                             to provide our customers  with       initiatives.  By  working  with  us,
                                             the BEST service possible.           you  can be sure  we are giving
                                             You  may  have  noticed  how         back to the community you love,
                                             far we  have  come without           striving to always leave a positive
                      Keith Newlon, President  mentioning title, escrow, or our   impact,  and make  Arizona the
                                             other services yet. It is because    best it can be.
        Here at Pioneer  Title  Agency:      of Keith’s efforts to foster family,
        •  We take an approach that is
            professional, but not stuffy.
        •  We strive to do the right
            thing in every situation.
        •  We lead by setting an
            example of honesty and hard
        •  When a new and challenging
            situation presents itself, we
            ask, “Can we do it?” and if it
            is at all possible, we deliver.
        •  We LOVE Arizona and work
            hard to strengthen our
        •  But above all, we love our
        It always comes back to our
        people, because our people are
        our priority.

        As  a  family-owned  company,  a
        strong emphasis is put on family.
        We are committed to providing
        this Pioneer family  with  the
        support  they need to thrive in
        their personal lives and careers.
                                                                                     Photos from our 2019 Company Picnic.

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