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                        donated to AZ


                                                                     hours volunteered
                                                                       at local schools

        OLD SCHOOL

        During 2017 and 2018,  we               items throughout  the  whole
        decided to go “Old School” and          school  year.   Teams  coordinated
        support education across Arizona.       fundraising  efforts  like  silent
        Pioneer  Title  encouraged team         auctions,    shred-a-thons,    golf
        members  to volunteer  their  time      tournaments, supply drives, and
        by providing 8 hours  PTO and           benefit  concerts.  The  projects
        supported  fundraising  efforts  by     were creative and varied to fit the
        providing $100 seed money to            individual  needs  of  communities
        each team member.                       across the state.

        As a result, team members read in       Our team  volunteered over 700
        classrooms, built gardens, graded       hours and donated over $43,000
        homework,  maintained  facilities,      plus countless amounts of supplies
        and more. Some branches adopted         to our Arizona schools!
        classrooms  and supported them
        with needed supplies and pantry

                                                                               Pioneer Title Agency                7
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