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 Upper School students, faculty, and staff embarked on a month-long endeavor to highlight the contributions of Black Americans across all academic disciplines, resulting in a creative, comprehensive Black History Month Virtual Museum. Created by students with guidance from faculty, the virtual museum is a collection of insightful, relevant, and exciting reflections that demonstrate the importance of representation, identity, and diversity, and how the topic can - and should - be discussed across all academic areas.
JK teachers modified their traditional Parent
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Our Lower, Middle, and Upper School student broadcasting and journalism teams were able
to report on school happenings and educate their peers on various topics all year long, some reporting from home and others live on campus.
Primary School students had a chance to Zoom live with a SK classmate and his dad, getting a first-hand look at what it takes to care for bees. Students learned all about how and why bees make honey, how humans safely collect their honey, the importance of the queen bee, and why bees swarm. The class also adopted its
own bee hives from a family-owned farm in Jacksonville and, along with PK, JK students planted wildflower seeds and other bee-friendly plants like lavender and rosemary to support our local bee populations.
    2020 - 21 Report of Appreciation
JK teachers modified their traditional Parent Reader events by inviting parents and close family members to Zoom into classes weekly as “mystery readers.” The students were always thrilled to see a friend’s family member on the Smartboard, and the stories led to meaningful pop-
up conversations throughout the day.
For the teachers, keeping Parent Reader events alive during the pandemic helped them deepen connections with families, while family members are able to catch a glimpse of the classroom and engage with the students using literature as a vessel.

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