Page 3 - 2022 Samaritas Impact Report
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                                                                                                                 David Morin, CEO

                            OFFERING HOPE                                                                 David Lochner, Board Chair

                                      AND                                                          Brett VanderKamp, Vice-Chairperson

                              COMPASSION                                                                  Jason Paulateer, Secretary
                                                                                                        John VandeGuchte, Treasurer

                                Our Mission:                                                                          Directors
               Serving people as an expression                                                                      Andrew Blum

                          of the love of Christ                                                                     Tracey Brame

                                                                                                                      Dan Carter
                                 Our Vision:                                                               The Rev. Gerald Ferguson

               We connect people with families                                                                       Dale Gerard

              and communities, empower them                                                                       Jeanine Hatcher

             to live their fullest life possible, and                                                            Mary Anne Jones

          create a ripple effect of transformation.                                                   The Rev. Donald P. Kreiss, Bishop
                                                                                                                      Franz Salas
                                                                                                                     Latricia Trice
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