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4,434                                                                           held a contest to give one family a special
                                                                                           During Foster Care Awareness Month, we

                                                                                                   trip to Zehnder's Splash Villige in

          persons served                                                                                         Frankenmuth, MI.

          1,016 total number of persons served in Foster Care                            Sabrina Pitman, of Troy, MI, won the contest
              95% of children had two or fewer Foster Care placements                             with over 1.4K likes on her photo!
              After 3 months of completing the ILP program successfully,
              youth continued to live independently.                                        She shares, " I feel blessed to have been
                                                                                             able to be there for them, advocate for
          We helped keep 700 families intact through services in our Family
                                                                                         them, and keep them safe. I look forward to
          Preservation programs
                                                                                           continuing to be able to do this for future
          269 total number of adoptions                                                  children in whatever capacity I am needed."
          349 total number of families served in Families First Michigan (1,622
          individuals)                                                                    She took her two boys to Zehnder's Splash
              98% of children did not enter Foster Care while family received               Village for a weekend of fun! Thank you
              services                                                                                 Ticket to Dream Foundation.
              96% children were not placed in Foster Care within 6 months of
              completing the program
          35 families were reunified (110 individuals served)
              100% of children were not placed in foster care withing 6 months
              of completing the program
          85  families were served in our Families Together Building Solutions
          program (434 individuals)
              90% of children remained in home or relative placement for 6
              months after completing the program
              4.9 satisfaction rate received from families who utilized this
              program (out of 5.0)
          200 total number of families served in Family Preservation
                                                                                                Lutheran Adoption Service (LAS) agency celebrated its 45th Anniversary
          Homebuilders (926 Individuals)
                                                                                                in November as Legacy Adoption Services (LAS). This rebrand features a
          In the fourth quarter of 2022, we were awarded SafeCare, a new
                                                                                                  new blue and green-themed modern look to capture the hearts and
          program, serving 14 families and 57 individuals                                       minds of business and community leaders. Partners in these sectors are
                                                                                                 critical to helping LAS recruit more people to offer permanent homes,
                                                                                                              “forever homes” for Michigan’s foster kids.
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