Page 9 - 2022 Samaritas Impact Report
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Five Ukrainian refugee families received
                                                                                                  free gifts from Amazon. "We're very
                                                                                                    excited during this time of year to
                                                                                              partner with some really special people,
                                                                                              our wonderful folks at Amazon to make
                                                                                              the holidays a little bit brighter for some
             3,547                                                                                of our wonderful families who have
                                                                                                   been through quite a bit this year."

                                                                                                   Along with the gifts they would be
             persons served                                                                    receiving, an additional $1,000 Amazon

                                                                                                      gift card would be given to buy
                                                                                                      additional items on the website.
                3,414 persons served in our New Americans                                      There were families with small children

                program                                                                              or mothers with their daughters.
                    80% achieved self-sufficiency within 180 days                                   "We really saw a need in the local
                                                                                                   community to serve some of these
                    for those in our Matching Grant program
                                                                                                 families that are going through really
                133 persons served in refugee foster care and
                                                                                                   tough times right now," said Austin
                unaccompanied minors
                                                                                              Stowe, the metro Detroit spokesman for

            About the Ukrainian Help Center:                                                      "(At) Amazon, we want to be a great
            As the Russian aggression toward Ukraine continues, the                           community partner in the local area and
            options to support Ukrainian refugees are evolving and                             we wanted to serve these families that
            creating a challenging bureaucratic environment to work                            are in the local Detroit community right
            within. Samaritas is helping Ukrainian refugees and their                            now. Which is why we wanted to put
            advocates cut through that red tape with the opening of its new                           together this special Christmas
            Ukrainian Help Center in Warren.                                                        celebration for these families with

                                                                                                  Samaritas and we're just so thankful
                                                                                                      they gave us their space to get
                                                                                               everything set up and to surprise these
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