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Benefits of Samaritas

             Transportation                                         Fine Dining                                      Wellness

              For a person with complex and                    Our team works in collaboration               Social engagement and meaningful
           chronic conditions, transportation to              with a licensed dietitian to provide          interaction are key to emotional well-
            doctor appointments or dialysis can               a satisfying dining experience for all          being. Our wellness team engages
          often be a challenge. Our team will get             of our residents. Not only are meals           residents on all levels and encourage
           you to and from your appointments                 catered to resident desires but also to            physical and emotional health.
                 on time and with a smile.                    any dietary and health restrictions.             Programs are individualized and

                                                                                                            adapted to the mobility and cognitive
                                                                                                            levels of our residents to improve their
                                                                                                                         quality of life.

             Social Services                                     Pastoral Care                                        Therapy

              Aging does not come without its                We hold weekly non-denominational                 If you’re recovering from injury,
             challenges. Our social workers help               services. Residents are invited to            illness or surgery, Samaritas provides

            navigate the changes that people face            bible studies, hymn sing-a-longs and              rehabilitation therapy on both a
            as they age. In collaboration with the            times of prayer. Samaritas is rooted           short-term and long-term basis. Our
           rest of our clinical team, social services        in the Evangelical Lutheran Church             spacious rehabilitation area has a wide
            assists in coordination with services            of America but provides services for             array of equipment and dedicated
           and community engagement to ensure                a variety of religions to help meet the         therapists to assist our residents with
            our residents’ emotional well-being.                spiritual needs of our residents.                      therapy sessions.

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