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                                                            About Rehabilitation

                                                            If you’re recovering from injury, illness or surgery, Samaritas Senior Living of
                                                            Cadillac provides exemplary rehabilitation therapy on both a short-term and long-
                                                            term basis. Our rehabilitation area provides a spacious environment, a wide array of
                                                            equipment and dedicated therapists to assist our residents in their therapy sessions.
                                                            Upon completion of your therapy, our rehabilitation team will provide you with a
                                                            comprehensive discharge plan for your return home.

                                                            Rehabilitation therapy at Samaritas Senior Living of Cadillac includes:

                                                            •  Physical therapy to strengthen muscles and improve walking, balance, and mobility
                                                               after a fall or a fracture and promote higher levels of functioning

                                                            •  Occupational therapy to improve arm and hand movement in activities of daily
                                                               living like dressing and bathing

                                                            •  Speech and language therapy to improve eating, swallowing, cognitive and language
                                                               skills following a stroke or brain injury

                                                            Samaritas Senior Living of Cadillac also has a restorative division, which has been
                                                            designed to help residents optimize and maintain their abilities to self-perform activities
                                                            for daily living (ADLs) such as toileting, eating, bathing, dressing and hygiene, by
                                                            utilizing a combination of walking, exercise and range of motion programs.

                                                            Residents work very closely with therapy staff to develop a strong trusting relationship as
                                                            they work on their journey to health. Often, the same therapists providing care during
                                                            their short-term rehabilitation stay are able to follow our patients home to continue
                                                            with their therapy needs.

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