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Skilled Nursing

                                                            About Skilled Nursing

                                                            For our residents requiring continuous nursing care, Samaritas Senior Living of
                                                            Cadillac provides physical, emotional and spiritual support. Residents are given the
                                                            opportunity to be as independent as possible with the assurance of care from our
                                                            licensed staff members.

                                                            Skilled nursing is the best fit for those who need substantial daily assistance with
                                                            activities of daily living. It is also a great option for those who are recovering from major
                                                            surgery or illness.

                                                            The Samaritas Senior Living team will conduct a patient assessment and assist you
                                                            and your family with decision making and arrangements. We work with Medicare,

                                                            Medicaid, as well as with most private insurances.

                                                            In addition to the day-to-day care you may require, we also offer:

                                                            •  Pain Management

                                                            •  Social and Mental Health Services
                                                            •  Wound Care

                                                            •  Ostomy Care

                                                            •  Post-Surgical Monitoring

                                                            •  Affiliated Hospice Services

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