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June 5, 2015                                               NEWS                                                                                                     Thunderbolt

Kendall cites progress on F-35 performance, schedule, cost

   WASHINGTON — The F-35 Lightning II program is mak-                 Senior Airman Thomas Spangler                                                   A Luke        integrate weapons into the aircraft that were not part of the
ing progress on performance, schedule and cost, Frank Kendall,                                                                                        Air Force     EDVHOLQHKHVDLG
the undersecretary of defense for acquisition, technology and                                                                                         Base F-35A
ORJLVWLFVUHFHQWO\WROG86UHSRUWHUVGXULQJDWHOHFRQIHUHQFH                                                                                      Lightning        ,QWHJUDWLQJZHDSRQV
IURP1RUZD\                                                                                                                                          II stands        “The detailed planning for that was discussed and will take
                                                                                                                                                      by to take    SODFHRYHUWKHQH[WIHZPRQWKVµ.HQGDOOVDLG7KHSURJUDP
   Kendall was in Oslo to attend the two-day F-35 CEO con-                                                                                            off April 15  IRUVRPHRIWKHZHDSRQVDOUHDG\KDVEHJXQFRPSDWLELOLW\ÀW
IHUHQFHDQDQQXDOPHHWLQJLQZKLFKVHQLRU86JRYHUQPHQW                                                                                           at Nellis     FKHFNVDQGRWKHULQLWLDODFWLRQV
leaders, international partners and industry members discuss                                                                                          Air Force        On the production side, Kendall said the attendees dis-
WKH)SURJUDP·VVWDWXVDQGVWUDWHJLFRXWORRN7KLVZDVWKH                                                                                        Base, Nev.    cussed the possibility of implementing what they called a
ÀUVW\HDUDSDUWQHUQDWLRQKRVWHGWKHKLJKOHYHOPHHWLQJ                                                                                                           EORFNEX\
                                                                      DUDQJHRIFRPEDWPLVVLRQV)RUWKH0DULQH&RUSV0DULQH                                        “We’re not quite ready for a standard multiyear procure-
expectations on cost and performance and we’re close to our           ZLOOEHWKHÀUVW)%RSHUDWLRQDOVTXDGURQ                                                  FRQJUHVVLRQDODSSURYDOµKHVDLG
SURMHFWLRQVRQVFKHGXOHµ                                                                                                                                              “We still have some work to do there but we’re feeling
                                                                         ´:H·UHRQWUDFNWRGRWKDWµ.HQGDOOVDLG´$QGZH·UHRQWUDFN                            optimistic enough about the program that we’re going to
   The undersecretary noted that there was a fundamental              to have Air Force IOC the following year and the Navy a couple                                proceed with the planning, and we’ll be talking to Congress
                                                                                                                                                                       Block buy
   Focusing on the future                                                F-35 follow-on development was one of the meeting topics,                                     )RU SDUWQHUV DQG 86 IRUHLJQ PLOLWDU\ VDOHV FXVWRPHUV
   “We are not sitting here worried about the risk of completing      KHVDLG                                                                                      commitment to such a block buy could save them money that
EDVHOLQHGHYHORSPHQWµKHVDLG´:H·UHWXUQLQJRXUIRFXVPXFK                                                                                                      .HQGDOOVDLGKH·GOLNHWRVHHUHDFK´GRXEOHGLJLWVµ%ORFNEX\V
JHWWLQJZKDWHYHUHIÀFLHQFLHVZHFDQJRLQJIRUZDUGµ                   “People develop weapons that they want to have integrated                                        On the support side, Kendall said, “The complexity and
   $VVKHEHJDQWKHPHHWLQJ1RUZD\·V'HIHQVH0LQLVWHU,QH           into the platform, and technology has matured that we want                                    scope of the program is enormous, with all the international
Marie Eriksen Søreide used a phrase that Kendall quoted to            WRLQVHUWLQWRWKHSODWIRUPVRZHGHVLJQHGWKH)VRZH                                 SDUWQHUV ZLWK WKH GLIIHUHQW EXLOGV WKDW ZH·UH ÀHOGLQJ WKH
members of the media as representing the status of the F-35           FDQXSJUDGHLWWKURXJKRXWLWVOLIHF\FOHµ                                                     different IOCs that are coming on board, and we’re starting
SURJUDP                                                                                                                                                            to come to grips with how we’re going to organize for that a
   “We’re ‘turning the future into the present,’ she said, and           Changing threats                                                                           IHZ\HDUVDKHDGRIXVµ
I think the present is going to be much more about F-35 op-              7KHEDVHOLQH)FRQÀJXUDWLRQGHVLJQDWHG)ZDVGH-                                       In all of these things, Kendall said, “whether it’s develop-
HUDWLRQVWKDQLWKDVEHHQEHIRUH$QGZH·UHORRNLQJIRUZDUGWR       ÀQHGVRPHWLPHDJRKHVDLG                                                                  ment, production or support, the focus is on cost and driving
FRQWLQXLQJWRPDNHSURJUHVVLQWKDWUHJDUGµ                             Over the intervening time much has changed, the under-                                     cost down in the program and making the F-35 as affordable
   Kendall said next year he hopes to hold the CEO meeting at         secretary said, “so we want to take advantage of more mature                                  DQGFRVWHIIHFWLYHDVLWSRVVLEO\FDQEHµ
WKHÀUVWRSHUDWLRQDOEDVHIRUWKH)DIWHUWKH0DULQH&RUSV·)    technologies… and we want to respond to threat changes —
%UHDFKHVLQLWLDORSHUDWLRQDOFDSDELOLW\,2&ODWHUWKLV\HDU     particularly in areas like electronic warfare — and we want                                                                                                      Courtesy of
   ,2&UHIHUVWRÀHOGLQJ)VTXDGURQVFDSDEOHRIKDQGOLQJ             Norway, Turkey and the United Kingdom also want to

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