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The results of the Holt rebuild have been remarkable. The new store features   comprehensive sub-package that can be pre-ordered and delivered. The company
           a walk-in freezer with ice cream, including many new flavors, a beer cave, a   is also reaching beyond its standard retail focus and is moving into servicing
           kitchen for prepared foods to generate fresh meals, expanded deli cases, larger   corporate meetings.
           improved soft-serve ice cream, milk  shakes, upscale  cappuccino machines,
          outside bottle returns which improve store cleanliness, 16 large screen TVs   The new Quality Dairy has added two other services that reflect the shift in
          with digital displays, heated sidewalks, an outdoor patio and a new drive-thru   consumer preferences. A new app, specially built for convenience stores, has
         service.                                                          discount specials from QD and national coupons, as well. And in what marks
                                                                           a return to the historical roots of a company that started 84 years ago delivering
        “The drive-thru allows us to service our customers at a greater level,” said Martin.   milk to people’s homes, QD has added home delivery.
        “You don’t need to unbuckle the kids when you come through.”
                                                                          “Here we are, 84 years later and we are evolving back into home delivery,” said
        In addition to several new ice cream flavors (i.e. birthday cake, salted pretzel   Martin. “It is an amazing turn of events.”
        caramel and chocolate peanut butter), QD has expanded its deli to include a

              A MAGAZINE FOR WOMEN,

              ABOUT WOMEN, IN THE

              CAPITAL AREA

              WITH US!

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