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A Banking Relationship That Gives Back

                                                                                                              “First National Bank of
                                                                                                              Michigan is local minded
                                                                                                              and people focused. Patty
                                                                                                              Barnas is close by,
                                                                                                              understands what we do
                                                                                                              and is very responsive”.

                                                                                                                  -Larry Bass, President
                                                                                                                    Friedland Industries
                                                                             Pictured left: Patty Barnas, FNBM
                                                                             Pictured right: Larry Bass, President, Friedland Industries

                                                                                       To read the full story, please visit:

                                                                                  330 Marshall St., Suite 200, Lansing 48912  |  517.319.8000

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