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The Hudson City Schools' Mission                                 Students who are enrolled in world language
                    Statement                                             AND band, choir, or orchestra are exempt
                                                                          from Unified Arts.
Our school district provides an educational program
that maximizes the intellectual, physical, and social         8th Grade World Language
and emotional development of each child in a safe,            Eligibility for a world language in 8th grade is based on
nurturing environment. We empower our students to             the rank order of students’ average GPAs from 7th
develop a strong base of academic knowledge, skills           grade Quarters 1, 2, and 3. World language course
and strategies.                                               capacity determines the number of students who are
                                                              eligible. Information regarding individual student
Together students, parents, educators, staff and the          eligibility will be provided to students and parents in the
district community share responsibility for producing         spring when scheduling forms for 8th grade are
graduates with a capacity for success, a commitment           distributed.
to citizenship, an appreciation of diversity and a
desire to make a positive contribution to life.               Schedule Changes
                                                              After the first 2 weeks, students may drop an elective
ACADEMIC CURRICULUM                                           course during first quarter with parent permission as
                                                              long as the student meets the minimum number of
The classes available at the middle school are                required/elective courses. Students may not drop one
designed to provide a curriculum that is relevant,            course and add another. Minimum load for 2015-2016:
challenging, integrative, and exploratory, as per the         Students in 6th grade must be enrolled in at least 1
Association for Middle Level Education.                       elective course. Students in 7th and 8th grade have no
                                                              elective requirement for 2015-2016.

                  6th Grade                                   Drop Policy
                                                              Any elective course dropped before the end of the first
Required            Elective (required: min of 1)             nine weeks, with approval, will be dropped without
                                                              penalty. After the first quarter, students may not drop
Math                Band                                      elective courses, unless with administrative directive.

Language Arts       Choir                                     Add Policy
                                                              Students who are eligible to enroll in 8th grade World
Science             Orchestra                                 Language must do so within the first seven days of the
                                                              school year, due to the significant amount of
Social Studies      Art: Cartooning/Comics                    information covered.

Physical Education Art: Painting/Drawing                      Elective Policy
                                                              For students with an IEP or 504, we understand that
                    Music: Musical Explorations               additional supports and services may be needed during
                                                              this time, based on IEP and 504 team decisions, in lieu
                    Music: The Voice                          of elective programming. If this is the case for your
                                                              child, you will be contacted by a case manager or
                  7th Grade                                   guidance counselor.

Required            Elective

Math                Band

Language Arts       Choir

Science             Orchestra

Social Studies      Art: Cartooning/Comics

Physical Education  Art: Sculpture

Unified Arts: 12-wk rotation Music: Broadway

(art/health/info. literacy) Music: The Voice

                  8th Grade                                   ATHLETICS

Required            Elective                                                  7th & 8th Grade

Math                Band                                      Girls                               Boys

Language Arts       Choir                                     Basketball – W                      Basketball - W
                                                              Cheerleading – F/W(8th)             *Cross Country - F
Science             Orchestra                                 *Cross Country – F                  Football - F
                                                              Field Hockey – F                    *Soccer - F
American History    Art: Cartooning/Comics                    Lacrosse – S                        *Track - S
                                                                                                  *Wrestling - W
Physical Education  Art: Sculpture                            *Soccer – F
                                                              *Track – S
*Unified Arts: 12-wk rotation Music: From Ragtime to

(art/health/info. literacy) Rock

                    Music: The Voice                          Volleyball - F

                    *World Language                                   F = Fall, W = Winter, S = Spring
                                                                     *Combined 7 & 8th Grade Teams
*Please note this important information regarding
Unified Arts, World Language, and Music for 8th grade         Students must be in attendance at school at least
                                                              one-half of the day (11:20am) in order to participate
      Students who are not enrolled in a world
            language will be scheduled for the Unified Arts   in an athletic practice or contest. If a student is
            rotation during one of their core periods.
                                                              signing out, s/he must be present for a total of at
      Students who are enrolled in a world language
            who are not enrolled in band, choir, or           least 3.5 hours of the school day.
            orchestra will be scheduled for the Unified Arts
            rotation during one of their encore periods.      Athletic - Academic Eligibility     School  Athletic
                                                              In accordance with Ohio High        middle   school
                                                              Association (OHSAA) guidelines
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