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Homework Requests                                                 •10 Tardies: referral to Unit Principal and one
                                                                        afterschool detention.
Any student absent from school should check Home
Access Center (Sungard) for homework as teachers                  •15 Tardies: referral to Unit Principal and two
post assignments daily. Please email the teacher                        afterschool detentions.
directly if you see a worksheet indicated or if you have
questions regarding an assignment. Any item(s) left for     Excessive tardies may be referred to the Summit
a student by a teacher can be picked up in the main         County truant officer.
office between 3:00pm and 3:45pm.
                                                            BOOK BAGS/BACKPACKS
Absences Relating to Athletics and After-
School Activities/Events                                    Students must put their book bags and back packs in
                                                            their lockers before homeroom and pick them up
Students must be in attendance at school at least one-      after ninth period. Book bags/backpacks are not
half of the day in order to participate in after-school or  permitted in the hallways or classrooms during the
evening activities/events. If a student is arriving late,   school day.
s/he must sign-in to school by 11:20am, or if a student
is signing out, s/he must be present for a total of at      STUDENT DROP OFF AND PICK UP
least 3.5 hours of the school day.                          PROCEDURES

Advanced Absence Notice                                     In order to protect the safety of our students, please be
                                                            aware of the following student drop off and pick up
When a student knows that he/she will be absent from        procedures:
school, he/she is required to pick up an Advanced
Absence form from the Attendance Office or you can                1. The entrance to the Middle School from Oviatt
find the form at                            Street is restricted to BUSES, EMERGENCY,
School/Parents/Forms. This form requires a parent                       AND DISTRICT VEHICLES ONLY during the
signature, and is a mutual agreement between the                        hours of 7:00am through 3:30pm on school
teachers and the student on an acceptable make-up                       days.
due date validated by all of the student's teachers. This
is then turned in to the attendance secretary. It is              2. Parents dropping off or picking up students
mutually understood that the sole responsibility for                    must enter from Aurora Street to Franklin
the completion of the advance absence notice and the                    Street, and follow the lane to the right of the
make up of classroom work belongs to the student.                       sidewalk near the garages.

Appointments                                                      3. Students should exit or enter the vehicles from
                                                                        the sidewalk between the garages and the
When a student needs to leave the building for a                        staff parking lot.
scheduled appointment, a written parent request should
be presented to the Attendance Office before                      4. Parents will turn right at the stop sign at the
homeroom on the day of the appointment.                                 end of the garages and exit onto Oviatt Street.
                                                                        Turning left across the crosswalk is strictly
      1. Students must be signed in and out of the                      prohibited.
            building by a parent/guardian at the
            attendance office.                                    5. Parents should not cross the bus lane into the
                                                                        parking lot for the purpose of dropping off their
      2. Students returning to school with a doctor’s                   student for school.
            note may sign themselves back in at the
            Attendance Office without a parent.                   6. One last request for caution: if a parent plans
                                                                        to drop his/her child off on Elm Street or Oviatt
Excessive Absences From School                                          Street, the child should be dropped off on the
                                                                        same side of the street as the building.
Any student absent from school, whether excused or                      Students are not to cross in front of traffic (i.e.,
unexcused, for ten (10) days or more in any one                         drop off on Elm Street traveling west toward
semester, or fifteen (15) days at any point during the                  Oviatt or on Oviatt Street traveling north
school year, may be required to present a medical                       toward Aurora Street.)
excuse for each absence thereafter for the remainder of
the school year. A student who fails to do so will be       STUDENT CONDUCT ON SCHOOL BUSES
considered an unexcused absence. If the problem
continues, a referral for a student to the Summit County    Board Policy: AG 5610.04
Attendance Officer may be made.                             The following regulations pertain to school bus conduct
                                                            and are intended to ensure the safety and welfare of
Tardiness to school                                         the students, the bus driver and other drivers on the
                                                            road and to ensure safety and proper maintenance of
Parents must walk in to the Attendance Office when a        school buses.
student is tardy. Students are tardy to school if they
are not in their homeroom at 7:50 AM. The teacher will      Students Will:
record all tardies on the absence sheet.                    A. be careful in approaching bus stops, walk on the

Consequences for Tardiness:                                       left facing oncoming traffic and be sure that the
                                                                  road is clear both ways before crossing the
      • 5 Tardies: referral to Unit Principal and one             highway;
            lunch detention.                                B. be on time at the bus stop in order to permit the
                                                                  bus to follow the time schedule;
                                                            C. sit in assigned seats (bus drivers have the right to
                                                                  assign a student to a seat in the bus and to expect
                                                                  reasonable conduct similar to conduct expected in
                                                                  the classroom)

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