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Changing from “Acceptable” to Optimum              Is indoor air a product?

               De facto building rating schemes aim to deliver    Indoor air could be legally defined as a product,
               code compliant “acceptable” quality indoor air to   and therefore subject to the same legal standards
               building occupants, however less than optimum      as other products in commerce, based on the fact
               air has a significant effect on occupant health    that when outdoor (fresh) air (a natural resource) is
               as well as performance, particularly decision-     taken, conditioned (an altering process) and redis-
               making and taking initiative. Perceived air quality   tributed into a closed environment, the strictures of
               is the basis for current ASHRAE guidelines and     product liability law would apply to this indoor air.
               standards for ventilation, applied almost uni-
               versally. Would you prefer to drink “acceptable”   Water and electricity are products covered by legal
               water, or “optimum” water?                         liability, and are both resources that are affected by
                                                                  human activity, and delivered to consumers.
               Fifty per cent of the air we breathe comes from    The same product liability could apply to indoor air
               the floor around us, and there is increasing       “produced” by air conditioning- systems.
               evidence from indoor air chemistry studies that
               many adverse chemical reactions in building air,
               occur faster than the ventilation rate.

                                                                  How good is the
                                                              AIR QUALITY

                                                                   in your office?

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