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Finding a solution

          Architects and air conditioning   Plants clean air – how do we know?   Your indoor plants work around
          engineers are already consider-  Our ongoing research shows that      the clock for you
          ing building airflow and HVAC    the presence of plants in the work-  All commonly used indoor
          systems in new ways, as a result   place or in the home can remove    plants have the capacity to
          of the virus, with planned       a wide range of toxic air chemicals   improve air quality in the office
          increased fresh air flow and     from motor vehicle emissions, such   or home. Give them the right
          air filtration compared to that   as benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene   plant light and they start work-
          designed in the past.            and xylene (BTEX), reduce carbon     ing immediately 24/7/365. No
          So, while we wait for air condi-  dioxide build up, and clean the     35-hour week, no weekends
          tioning to deliver clean ‘breath-  air. You don’t need a jungle, just   off, no holidays, no sick leave,
          able air,’ rather than “accept-  an appropriate number that are       no flexi-days, no family leave,
          able” quality air, living plants   receiving the correct light to photo-  no compassionate leave or
          work 24/7 to clean the air we    synthesise.                          public holidays.

          So, give yourself the breath of life and insist on indoor trees and

          plants in your corporate workplace, but give them the right, plant light to do the job.


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