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For the Love of

 Biophilic Design  Part 1

           3 Reasons why plants are good for you

            If you’re reading this, then you’ll   Diversion theory also comes into play   There are a mass of chemicals that are
            already be a plant lover. You’ll also   here, having something else to focus   hidden in the paint we use, the cushions
            know that Biophilic Design is the   your mind on away from the stressful   and chairs we sit on, the clothes we wear,
            practice of implementing biophilia   situation helps you recharge and gives  the carpets we walk on… it can cause
            into design, whether that’s interior   you respite. Having a pot plant next   everything from coughs, allergies, skin
            design, urban planning, architecture   to you on your desk while you work,   problems, dry eyes, right down to cancers
            or any other field of design.  You   really helps.                   and inflammatory diseases of the respira-
            know “biology” is the “law of life”,                                 tory tract.
            “biophilia” is the “love of life, of liv-  Following on from this point.
            ing things”. It refers to our need to                                Way back in the 1980s a NASA study
            surround ourselves with nature and   Plants help concentration and focus   showed that plants would help people
            natural things, if we cut ourselves off                              living in a confined space for long periods
            from that our wellbeing suffers, not   In a study with students showed that   of time and also the adverse is true that it
            only our physical health but also our   real plants brought about a significant   is not possible to survive without contact
            minds are impacted too.           decrease in theta waves of the frontal   with nature. It concludes which plants
                                              lobe” which shows there are is an im-  clean the air more than others, for in-
            Of course, plants add life and energy   provement in the attention and con-  stance English Ivy, Peace Lily, Parlour and
            to a space but here are five positive   centration of these students. Also the   Lady Palm, chrysanthemum morifolium.
            reasons to bring more plants into   presentation of the living plants was   There are others, but these are like the su-
            your workplace and home.          associated with “more positive mood   per heroes of the plant world, they seem
                                              states, such as feelings of comfort and   to the best at removing various volatile
            Plants help reduce stress and en-  naturalness”.                     organics and other chemicals such as for-
            courage self-care                                                    maldehyde, benzene, ammonia, xylene,
            The psychological benefit of hav-  And finally probably the most impor-  trichloroethylene variously linked to can-
            ing plants in your office and home   tant one:                       cer, anaemia, nausea, tiredness, etc found
            is quite profound. Not only having                                   in plywood, glues, cleaning products etc.
            something to care for stimulates   Plants clean the air, absorb carbon
            compassion, it also prompts self-care  dioxide and toxins You may have   Dr  Vanessa Champion
            and a knock-on effect in caring for   heard of the “sick building syndrome”   Editor Journal of Biophilic Design /
            what you’re doing (whether that’s   where the actual building we live and   The Space Doctors
            finishing the report you’re work-  work in is making us sick.
            ing on or running your side hustle                         
                                                    ‘Plants help reduce stress’
            If you are working in or living in a
            stressful environment, you might
            be interested in learning that there
            have been many studies showing
            how tending plants (even on an al-
            lotment or window boxes) can really
            help your mental wellbeing.                                                                     12
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