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KARI MADDOX                                           DR. VANESSA CHAMPION

                Kari Maddox is a full                                   Dr. Champion, started life

                time mom and also                                      as an academic at Universi-

              owner and operator of                                     ty College London, before

                    Green Scenes                                         moving into media. She

            Indoor Landscaping located                                 now combines her love for

                 in North Carolina.                                    our natural world, environ-

                                                                       mentalism and research to

              Kari can be reached at                                   run The Journal of Biophilic

     or                                    Design (JBD) podcast series

                 visit the website at                                  and online Interior Design

                                            magazine TheSpaceDoctors.

                                                                       com. She is also founder of

                                                                      PhotoAid Global Foundation

                                                                      and produces images for the

                                                                      Nature Image Library on the

                                                                       JBD website to raise money

                                                                        for Urban Forest Projects.



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