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DR. RONALD A. WOOD                                     CAROLYN GOODIN

           Dr. Wood holds a  PhD, BSc. and                       Carolyn Goodin is the author

           is a Interior Landscape Special-                        of Smartee Plants: A Pro-

           ist,Horticulturist, Plant Lighting                     fessional’s Guide to Indoor

                Specialist,and a CTBUH                           Plant Care. Earned a Master’s

                  Horticulture Expert.                           Degree in Horticulture, with                           CONTRIBUTORS

           Dr. Wood is also the Director at                      emphasis on Acclimatization

             Innovative Plant Technology                           and Adaptation of plants

            Pty Ltd since 1980. Innovative                       destined for indoor use, her

              Plant Technology provides                            degree was granted from

            informed, commercially aware                            the University of Hawaii

           and technically robust advice to                       School of Tropical Agricul-

           clients in the Built Environment                      ture in 1979. Alos a Certified

            sector. We support architects,                       Landscape Professional, CLP,

           landscape architects, interior fit                    attained this certification in

                out specialists, lighting                         1987.  Till 2010, she owned

           designers and engineers, build-                       VSPS: A Very Specialized Plant

             ing owners, developers, and                           Service which was the first

                  other stakeholders.                             plant rental company to spe-

                                                                 cialize in Indoor Landscaping

                                                                            in Hawaii.


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