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Faith Based Tours and Retreat Planning            Marian Shrines of Europe
                Mirage Tours is pleased to bring you a selection   10 Days 9 Nights
                of  our  Faith  Based  and  /  or  Pilgrimage  Tours.
                The Tours offer a blend of great religious sights   Faith, Travel, Community
                plus  enhancing it with the cultural aspects of the   Visit  three  of  Christianity's  most
                                                                  famous shrines on this unforgetta-
                land  you  are  visiting.    We  help  make  it  easy  for
                your church or organization to travel together as   ble pilgrimage.  Explore Our Lady
                                                                  of  Fatima  Shrine  in  Portugal,
                a group.  Ask for Itineraries
                                                                  Santiago de Compostela in Spain

                Benefits of Faith—Based Travel                    and the world famous Our Lady of
      F           Builds Community                               Lourdes Shrine in France.

                  Deepens Faith
                  Makes history and culture come live            Tour Includes:
                                                                    Orientation: visit Jeronimo's Monastery, Church of St.
      A         Protestant Christianity Tours                       Visit the church of the Holy Miracle

                                                                      Anthony, St. Anthony Museum Santarem
                  10 days Christian England & the World of  C. S.
                    Lewis                                           Fatima: Walking tour of Our Lady of Fatima Shrine
       I          12 days  Footsteps of Martin Luther and Europe-    cathedral, Lourdes Walking tour of Our Lady of
                                                                    Santiago De Compostela visit cathedral, Burgos, visit
                    an Reformation
                                                                      Lourdes Shrine; visit St. Bernadette’s birth, family home

                Travel the Land of the Bible                          and bathe in the  in the healing waters
      T           11 days Footsteps of Apostle Paul                Zaragoza Sightseeing
                                                                    Visit the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar
                  12 days Journey through the Bible: Egypt and
                    Jordon                                          Madrid Sightseeing, visit the Prado Museum
     H            Travel the Lands of Catholic Faith                  tions: 1 night each, Lisbon, Santiago , Burgos, Zarago-
                  10 days  Biblical Turkey & the Early Church
                                                                    9 Buffet Breakfast  6 dinners, 9 nights accommoda-
                                                                      za, Madrid,  2 nights Fatima, 2 nights Lourdes
                  10 days  Classic Shrines of Italy
                  11 days  Marian Shrines of Europe                                                  Pope Francis
                  5   days  Washington DC Shrines
                  8   days  Footsteps of John Paul II & Poland
      B           Offering Retreat Planning for your church group
                  5   days  St. Anne De Beaupre / St. Joseph Ora-
                    tory Montreal

      A         Pilgrimage to Poland— Remembering Pope John Paul II

                May — October  10 Days / 9 Nights
      S         Featuring…  Warsaw: Czestochowa: Jasna Gora Monastery:  Black      The National Shrine
                Madonna Pauline Monastery: Zakopane: Wadowice: Krakow
                St. Mary’s Altar: Auschwitz: Shrine of Divine Mercy

      E         Tour Includes:                                                     of Our Lady of the Snows
                                                                                   6 Days – 5 Nights   Belleville, Illinois
                  Roundtrip air from your area  First Class Hotels, and most Meals

                  Attend Mass at: St Stanislaus Kostka (Warsaw), St. James Church
                    (Warsaw), Jasna Gora Monastery (Czestochowa), Bernadine Mon-   In 1818, Blessed Eugene De Mazenod,
                                                                                   founded the Missionary Oblates of Mary
      D             Church (Krakow),                                               Immaculate in Laus France, to serve the
                    astery (Kalwaria),  St. Mary’s Church (Krakow), St Catherine's
                                                                                   pilgrims, preach the gospel, and help
                  Sightseeing Warsaw Market Square, Lazienski Park, Warsaw Jew-
                    ish Ghetto, Saint Casmir's Church were Sister Faustina was bap-  them find a place of peace and prayer,
                    tized as Helena Kowalaka, Sightseeing in Czestochowa: Our Lady   where they could learn more about God’s
                    Of Czestochowa, Black Madonna, Miraculous Icons and Treasury   love for them. Today, The National
                                                                                   Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows,
                    Room, Zakopane: Tatra Mountains, Bernadine Monastery, Wadowi-
                    ce: Birthplace of John Paul II, visit the house where JPII was born,   through the efforts of the Missionary Ob-
                                                                                   lates of Mary Immaculate offer pilgrims
                    Wadowice Basilica where he was baptized as Karol Wojtyla, and   from all over the US, the opportunity to
                    attended Church, Sights  in Krakow:  Bishops Palace, where the Ho-
                    ly father Lived, St. Florian’s Church where he was vicar, St. Francis-  experience revitalization and enrichment
                                                                                   through there spiritual and support minis-
                    can Church his favorite place of prayer, Franciszkanska Street fa-  tries. The Shrine is intended as a place
                    mous  Pope's Window, Collegium Novum where he lectured theolo-
                    gy, Auschwitz, the notorious Nazi concentration camp, St. Maximilli-  of prayer and peace for all people. Hope-
                                                                                   fully it will continue to be a source of
                    an Kolbe and the Martyrdom Museum, Shrine of Divine Mercy
                  Sights Lowicz, town of Mazovia famous for arts and crafts and the   comfort, inspiration and joy to millions of

                                                                                   people drawn to it. Call for complete de-
                    ruins of the Lowicz Castle                                     tails

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