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Road Less Traveled to the Cobblestone Shores                                                           C

           Featuring Wilson NY  4 Days 3 Nights  May-October            Lake Ontario

           Excellent Foliage Tour

           Whether you are visiting Niagara Falls, Rochester, Buffalo, New                                       O
           York or Southern Ontario, CA… The Cobblestone Shore is just a
           short drive away. Come, spend a few days and take the road less
           traveled through quaint villages, towns and wineries.  Experience                                      B
           Lake Ontario and its Cobblestone Masonry that started around
           1825 to the Civil War era. With an endless supply of glacial field
           stone along Lake Ontario, masons developed this new talent and
           built these homes. The Village of Wilson, is encompassed with the                                      B
           Seaway Trail, the Niagara History Trail and the Wine Trail all mak-
           ing for an incredible experience.
           Tour Includes:
             Breakfast and Dinners with Lodging in either Niagara Falls, Rochester or Buffalo NY                 L
             Waterways:  Niagara Falls, Lake Ontario and Erie Canal
             Wineries:  Numerous wineries to choose from… visit the wineries and top the day off with a dinner that
              offers a grape-a-licious desert!  (On Fall Tours you will be able to  pick your own concord grapes)   E
                                                 Visit 12 Cobblestone Homes which are the Legends of Wilson,
                                               NY  (Inside tours are only available on a few of the homes)
                                                 Visit the historical maker and grave site of “ Billy Sherman”  … the
                                               Confederate / Union War Horse from Wilson                          S
                                                 Wine and dine at the historical Wilson House
                                                 Top the day off with a STAR SEARCH experience.  Come into
                                               the night sky and see Saturn with all of its rings and various constella-
                                               tions.  The entire evening is guided with Wilson astronomers       T
                                                 Join us for Car Classic, Wine Festival and A Very Country Christ-


           NIAGARA FALLS, USA                  Cobblestones, Water Falls and Lakes
                                               Featuring New York State
                                               8 Days  7 Nights  May – October                                    E
                                               Excellent Foliage Tour   Gambling Available

                                               “Unlock the Legend” of the Empire State’s unique and legendary wa-
                                               terways.  Follow the waterways from the Niagara Frontier to the Fin-
                                               ger Lakes and up to the Thousand Islands. Flowing through the Em-
                                               pire States east-west corridor, much of the waterways and canals
                                               parallel the Seaway Trail, a scenic 450 miles route which takes you to   S
                                               sophisticated cities, quaint villages dotted in cobblestones and fishing
                                               ports. Your tour will take you from the jewel of the Niagara Frontier,
                                               Niagara Falls, to the Thousand Islands
                                               Tour Includes:                                                    H
             7 Nights Hotel, 7 Breakfast and Dinners
             Falls: Niagara Falls, High Falls
             Waterways: Niagara River, Genesee River, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake George, Thousand Islands,   O
              Finger Lakes, Erie Canal
             Lighthouses: Chinaman’s Light, Old Fort Niagara, Thirty Mile Point,  Charlotte, Sodus Point
             Cobblestone Home:  including the Wilson House
             Travel along the Seaway Trail, Niagara Falls and Rochester                                          R
             Attractions: Cave of the Winds Tour, Niagara Power Project, Boat Cruise on the Erie Canal, Wilson
              House, Legend of Billy Sherman,  George Eastman House and Gardens, Grand Canyon of the East,
              Boldt Castle, Camp Sagamore, the Vanderbilt Estate, Fort William Henry which was popularized in James
              Fenimore Cooper’s novel “The Last of the Mohicans”  Victorianbourg Wine Estates, Midnight Run Wine   E
              Cellars, Woodcock Brothers Brewing Co
             Star Search in the Wilson night time skies

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