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                            From the Dispersion

                     to the Continent of America

            After  the  tower  of  Babel,  the  Americas,  along  with  the  rest  of  the
       word, eventually became inhabited by man. During this migration period,
       America began to receive migrants which came most likely through vari-
       ous land bridges. The sea level was most likely lower then (much like the
       Bering Strait). They could have also come by boat.

              We know all these people collectively as American Indians or Na-
       tive  Americans.  These  American  Indians  are  known  as  the  first  inhabi-
       tants of America, but some of these Indians claimed they conquered the lands which they lived on from
       the hands of other inhabitants of which some were described as giants and wicked. These conquests
       probably took place about the time when Joshua and the Israelites were conquering the wicked inhabi-
       tants of the land of Canaan, of which some were giants.

              The Romans have recorded that they traded with the people of the Americas. More evidence of
       people reaching the American continents exist today. Some historians believe that Leif Ericson, a Viking
       from  Scandinavia,  sailed  to  North  America  about  A.D.  1000.  However,  with  Christopher  Columbus’
                                       discovery of America, knowledge of America began to be known through-
                                       out Europe and multitudes thereafter immigrated to America.

                                            Christopher Columbus called the Native Americans “Indians” because
                                       he thought at first that he had landed in India. They had dominant fea-
                                       tures of reddish-brown complexions, high cheekbones, and black hair,
                                       although various traits could be noticed in various tribes. They lived in
                                       tribes, hunted, fished, and farmed. Different land regions caused tribes
       to live different ways. Each tribe had a common religion, most of which included a Supreme Being, yet
       they had become highly pantheistic. As a whole, they left the truth of God, and mixed truth with error.
       They began to worship the creature rather than the Creator, and some became involved in witchcraft.
       Because the Native American Indians forsook the Creator, God allowed others to conquer the lands of
       the Americas just as he had allowed the Native American Indians to conquer the inhabitants that lived
       in America before them.

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