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P. 10

C. Discuss with your friend to specify the sequence of

        steps of cooking "Batang Burok".

                        Heat a pan and add cooking oil. Take a

                        spoonful of batter and pour it onto the pan,

                        spreading it evenly to form a thin skin. Cook

                        until it's done, then transfer it to a plate.

                        Repeat with the remaining batter

                        Add ground pepper, sugar, salt, and

                        powdered stock. Cook until the spices are

                        absorbed and the filling thickens. Set aside.

                        Arrange the batang burok in a container

                        and pour coconut milk mixed with salt over

                        it. Steam it.

                        In a large mixing bowl, combine flour,

                        tapioca flour, egg, cooking oil, and salt.

                        Gradually add water while stirring until the

                        batter is well mixed.

                        Batang Burok is now ready to be served.

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