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Section                              Reading


         A. Read the text carefully. You may write some new

         vocabulary on your book.

                                                               Batang Burok, that's how the

                                                           people of Pontianak refer to the

                                                           typical  traditional  cake  that

                                                           used  to  be  served  as  food  for

                                                           nobles  and  the  kings  of  the

                                                           Kesultanan Kadariah Pontianak.

           At  first  glance,  this  cake  has  a  similar  shape  to  a  rolled

           pancake, but with a different filling. In addition, this cake is

           eaten with a very savory and delicious spiced coconut milk


               To make the skins, we need to cook the batter by pouring

           it onto the pan, then spreading it evenly to form a thin skin.

           The  filling  of  Batang  Burok    consists  of  minced  meat,

           potatoes, and carrots, seasoned with a blend of spices that

           give  it  a  savory  and  unique  flavor.  The  filling  of  Batang

           Burok is usually cooked before being rolled with the skin.
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