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What Ulpan-Or has to offer you

Ulpan-Or offers a variety of innovative, exciting Hebrew learning programs based
on our proprietary Rapid Language Acquisition (RLA ) methodology developed
after many years of research.

Separate programs have been designed for individuals, families and groups who are
studying, vacationing or living in Israel.The programs we offer are suitable for all ages
and are individually tailored to meet your needs, no matter what your proficiency is
in Hebrew.

Our goal is for you to master the Hebrew language in the shortest possible time.	
Our dynamic and experienced teachers use our unique RLA methodology and	
state-of-the-art technology and materials to enhance your Hebrew journey and
achieve rapid results while enjoying the process.

The family and group programs we offer combine Hebrew studies with meaningful
and fun touring experiences in Israel and exposure to the Israeli culture. 		
This provides enjoyable opportunities to use and practice your Hebrew skills.

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