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“Rimon”- Intensive Full Day Immersion Program

The Rimon (“Pomegranate” in Hebrew) Full Day
Immersion program is an intensive one-on-one
Hebrew learning program in the classroom. It is
similar to the Sabra program, running a parallel 3
hours of study in the morning but, in addition,
Rimon students continue with another 2 hours
of classroom study in the afternoon.

This program is suitable for people desiring a rich
and full learning program, but who do not want
to tour while learning Hebrew. It is an intensive
program that produces excellent results in a short
amount of time.

Rimon workshops start every Sunday through
out the year.

“Dekel” - Long Term 	
Learning Program

Our Dekel (“Palm tree” in Hebrew) program is a long-term program
designed to allow you to learn Hebrew while maintaining your regular business
and social activities in Israel. The program consists of monthly modules with
bi-weekly 2 1/2 hour meetings (eight lessons total).

Each Dekel monthly module is held in a one-on-one setup with a private coach,
utilizing the unique Ulpan-Or Rapid Language Acquisition (RLA) method.

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