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Learn Hebrew Online

This unique online Hebrew learning system is customized to meet your needs, no matter what your
level of Hebrew is. In our Guided Distance Learning (GDL) programs we offer individual coaching
and direct communication and contact with your personal Ulpan-Or coach via the
Internet, Skype, or by telephone.
After completing two online modules, students are capable of progressing by at least one full
Hebrew level.

“E-Tone®”-Hebrew Interactive Online Newspaper

Ulpan-Or’s online Hebrew weekly newspaper, E-Tone®, is an innovative, interactive news digest
published for three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced.

E-Tone® offers news and commentary, in Modern Hebrew, on life in Israel and around the world.
The content is presented in audio and video files, with accompanying text that highlights specific
vocabulary, allowing you to view, listen, and understand the news at your own pace. A full English
translation is also included to help subscribers practice their verbal and written skills.

In addition we provide exercises and quizzes to further
help you improve your Hebrew. Thus, by accessing,
reading and listening to the E-Tone® you in
fact take part in a very effective
Hebrew course. 

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