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Special “King David” & “Queen Sheba” VIP Programs

                                                          Learn Hebrew while being completely pampered
                                                          from morning to night.This VIP Hebrew program
                                                          tantalizes all the senses with Hebrew and Israeli
                                                          culture, and is designed and closely monitored
                                                          by our master teacher Orly Ganor; the founder
                                                          of Ulpan-Or and creator of our unique teaching

                                                          A typical day includes:

                                                          A dynamic and interactive one-on-one lesson
                                                          in the morning with your private Hebrew coach.
                                                          Lunch with your personal coach at a local
                                                          restaurant, where you will learn the historical
                                                          significance of the area you are in and speak
                                                          Hebrew about Israel and topics that interest you.
                                                          An afternoon activity with your own private guide,
                                                          enabling you to practice and use your Hebrew
                                                          in real-life situations while touring Israel.

                                    An evening out with your coach to a cultural event of your choice
                                    (e.g. Israeli musical performance, art show, museum, etc.). Prior to
                                    the event you will be prepared with information in Hebrew about
                                    the event you are attending in the evening.

                                    With this program, you can expect to breath, eat, and sleep Hebrew
                                    for an unforgettable experience!

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