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        Thank  you  for  purchasing  this  ebook.  I’m  so  excited  to  share  these  recipes  with  you  and
        appreciate  your  support.  Nothing  makes  me  happier  than  helping  people  make  healthier
        choices while still enjoying what they eat, and I think these recipes do exactly that.

        This recipe ebook contains my favourite tried and tested recipes from my YouTube channel
        along with  completely new recipes all in one spot.

        For many recipes in this ebook I have taken popular foods and flavours we all know and love and
        either veganized them or made them healthier and easier to cook.

        The most important factor to good long term health is being consistent with your healthful
        choices.  This  is  why  I  focus  on  keeping  the  recipes  fairly  easy  to  make  using  common

        I included the calorie and macronutrient counts for every recipe since I know this information

        can be helpful for different goals. I used the website for these values
        along with conversions for cups to grams. The calorie & macro amounts should be used as a
        rough guide only.

        I  love  seeing  your  creations  that  are  inspired  by  my  recipes  so  be  sure  to  tag
        #simnettnutrition or @simnettnutrition on instagram  when sharing your meals inspired
        by this cookbook.

        Thank you so much for the support and I hope you enjoy these recipes!

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