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Stand Out in the College Admission Process

? Demonstrate your maturity and readiness for college
? Emphasize your commitment to academic excellence

              How does the Honors Program work?

? Grade 9: The Admissions Committee places students in honors courses based on 6th,
   7th, and 8th grade marks and results of the HSPT placement test.

? Grades 10, 11, 12: Students must meet the pre-requisites listed in the Course Offerings
   Guide to either remain in or enter into an honors course.

                   Advanced Placement Program

The AP program provides students the opportunity to engage in college level studies and
earn college credits while in high school. Rigorous national examinations are administered
in early May and scored by the College Board. The grade scale ranges from 1 to 5, with
most colleges granting college credit for scores in the 3-5 range.

Students enrolled in the AP program are required to take the Advanced Placement
examination which is facilitated by the Guidance Department.

Biology AP        Courses
Chemistry AP
Calculus AB AP          Physics 1 AP
Calculus BC AP          Physics 2 AP
US History AP           Psychology AP
World History AP        English Literature AP
                        Environmental Science AP

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