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How do students benefit from taking AP courses?

Students who take AP courses learn a subject in greater depth, develop analytical reasoning
skills, and form disciplined study habits that can contribute to continued success at the
college level.

           Online Advanced Placement Courses offered at
                          Donovan Catholic

In addition, qualified students may take online AP courses:
U.S. Gov’t & Politics AP
Economics AP
Statistics AP
Computer Science AP

                           Veritas Scholars

Freshman students who qualify on the basis of their High School Placement Test results and
their 8th grade marks are invited to participate in the Veritas Scholars program for the
academically gifted.

This four-year program nurtures the full academic potential of these students through a
demanding, fast-tracked curriculum. Only 10 to 15 freshmen are selected each year. They
will prepare to apply to the most competitive colleges in the country.

During freshman year, Veritas scholars enroll in advanced courses: Physics H and World
History AP. During sophomore, junior and senior years, Veritas scholars will, with the help
of their counselor, fill their schedules with mainly Honors and AP courses.

Veritas scholars will round out their studies by participating in book discussions, service
projects, and leadership opportunities; and by contributing their talents to academic-based
clubs, i.e., Math League, Science League, Law Club, Academic Challenge.

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