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The Academic Support program services students who have special learning needs
documented by:
? An IEP or ISP
? A Special Accommodations Plan or 504
? Poor academic achievement
? Low standardized test scores
? Teacher recommendations
The program is designed to help students with previous academic weaknesses to succeed in
a college preparatory curriculum.

                              Grade 9
                         Project Jumpstart

This five day summer program held at the end of August gives students a jumpstart in:
? Math
? Reading comprehension and their assigned summer readings
? Writing
? Computer readiness

                        Assistive Technology

       …... helps students who have specific learning needs
? Kurzweil—this software is designed to provide literacy support in the classroom and at

   home. Built in features for reading, writing and study skills help students become inde-
   pendent learners.
? Dragon Naturally Speak—this software recognizes speech and helps the student to cap-
   ture thoughts and ideas
? Flashcard Pro—Study Skills Program
? Microsoft One Note—Study Skills Program
? Next Graph—Concept Mapping
? Inspiration—Writing Program

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