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Vortex Sprayliners, Inc. is proud to consistently be the number #1 sprayliner
Company that does more than just one application. With the ever changing
market-place, you have to diversify in order to continue your growth in the coatings
industry. That is exactly what Vortex has to offer: the ability to start with one
unique system or coating and then expand your market and services as you grow.

Many years of dedicated engineers and staff technicians have put together a variety
of high quality systems with one goal in mind, keeping it portable. Given that most
of the demand in the coatings industry does not always mean putting a sprayed in
liner in the back of a pickup truck, it is essential to be able to deliver a product and
service on location. The ability to simply plug your system into a standard outlet
and start applying the Vortex coatings is outstanding.

This enhanced technology and innovative portability opens the doors to hundreds John M. Kott
of possibilities that were otherwise never achievable. From coating floors, President

containment wells, grain silos, walk in refrigerators, farm equipment, barns, basements, roofs and more is only
possible if you’re portable.

The patented Vortex systems and exclusive coatings can restore and renew everything from roofs to floors and
everything in-between. Truck beds are just the tip of the iceberg. Check out all the possibilities that Vortex has to
offer and pick the one or multiple systems and coatings that you need to expand your services today.

Thank you very much

John M. Kott

President / Vortex Sprayliners, Inc.

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Vortex Sprayliner KV5006 System 1-2 Eco-Meric Blue Water Sealing Base Coat 26
Vortex Sprayliner KV5006 Options 3 Eco-Meric Solarmeric Top Coat 26
Vortex Sprayliner Consumables 4 Eco-Meric M.I.B. White Mastic 27
Vortex Sprayliner Sundry Items 5 Eco-Cloth 27
Vortex Sprayliner Standard Resin & Activator 6 Eco-Meric Testing and Certifications 28
Vortex Low Pressure Polyurea Resin & Act. 7 Flowmat Liquid Rubber Mat 29
Vortex Flex Resin 8 Flowmat Commercial & Black Velvet 30
Restorz UV Top Coat 8 Flowmat Residential 31
Vortex Technical Data Sheet 9 Hydrocor 3650 32
AT-100 High Pressure System 10 Sure Grip Anti-Slip Coating 33
High Pressure Polyurea Resin & Activator 11 Ultra Grip Anti-Slip Coating 33
High Pressure Standard Vortex Resin & Act 12 V-Poxy Color Fusion System 34
Granitex HD-8001 Baked On Flooring System 13-14 V-Poxy Pigments 35
Granitex Accessory Options 15-16 V-Poxy V-Prime 35
Polyphatic Color Glaze 17 V-Poxy Anti Slip Additive 36
Polyphatic Clear Glaze 17 V-Poxy Squeegee 36
Vortex Polyphatic Glaze Technical Data 18-19 V-Poxy vs Granitex Comparison Chart 37
Granitex Polyacetate Chips 20 K7 Degreaser 38
Polyphatic Chip Kit 20 J3 Deactivating Powder 38
Granitex Brochure & Color Charts 21 V-Patch Concrete Repair Material 49
Super Seal Plus+ & Granitex Granules 22 Vortex Vertical Sealant & Dispensing Gun 40
Wood Sealer 23 Vortex Potable & Constant Immersion Coatings 41
Metaltex I & Metaltex II 24 Airplane Hanger AFC-1000 Coating 42
Eco-Meric EMG-500 Spray System 25 Rust Stop Solution 42
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