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: Removable Whisper Jet
Built In Nitrogen System
The Vortex Sprayliners Portable Spray
System KV5006 is the only truly portable
spray liner system in the world. This self-
contained technology eliminates the need
for heat rooms, large compressors or high
power requirements.

Each system comes complete with:

• Start up kit
• Removable Whisper Jet™
• Built in Nitrogen Charge System
• Solid State Circuitry
• Stainless Steel Storage Tanks
• Dual Temperature Gauges
• Dual Toolbox Compartments
• Stainless Steel Grab Bars
• Large Access Storage Door

Stainless Steel Storage Tanks Dual Thermostat Readers Dual Thermostat Readers

Dual Tool Box Storage Stainless Steel Grab Bars Easy Access Doors allows
instant removal and storing of
Vortex spray lines. Completely
self contained makes it easy.

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