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The Vortex Sprayliner Portable KV-5006 KV-5006 Portable Sprayliner System
system includes all necessary and important
items in the standard model. Additional
technical options can be added to enhance
the technology of your KV-5006 system. Ask
your Vortex representative which options
would be right for you.


• Heated Lines
• Pneumatic Wheels
• Remote Speed Control


Heated Lines are great for colder climates
They allow you to warm the material faster,
apply the material quicker and create finer
textures to the surface.

Pneumatic Wheels are great if you intend Pneumatic Tire Option
to be portable. The large wheels are better
for rolling over gravel, textured surface, dirt
and other sur-

Remote Speed Heated Lines are Optional
Control. Put the
power of the
speed and On/
Off of the sys-
tem at your

Remote Speed Control Option

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