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ROCKNATION ISSUE 27                                                                                                              PAGE 19

          You were very active in the
          scoring business in the
          recent years, including over
          3000 music placements to
          date in major Film, TV &
          Video Games Worldwide.
          Some credits include trailer
          music for AMC’s The Walking
          Dead, Music for ESPN, Fox
          Sports, NBC, National
          Geographic and many more.
          What brought you back to
          rock music and recording this music?
          Like I mentioned earlier, I kinda lost my way with rock music for a while. As a matter of fact, I even became a bit
          arrogant and snobby towards rock music. I studied drums at the LA Music Academy and I gotta say that the school
          was and is fantastic and open minded. Yet, when studying music one has to be careful not to develop a wrong
          attitude. And I certainly did and for a while I had the stupid attitude that rock music is mediocre at best in comparison
          to say jazz. Anyway, a few years ago I accidently hit my CD shelf and one CD fell out. The way it dropped was
          remarkable to say the least. It fell in such a physical odd way. I picked it up and it was Overkill´s “Horrorscope” album.
          I put it in the CD player and expected a good laugh at how ridiculous I´d find it after all these years. A few seconds
          after I pressed play, it hit me in the guts. It felt like a boot coming out of the speakers hitting me straight in the face.
          It was just awesome!  That day I decided to step off my high horse and I rediscovered rock music. And actually while
          I produced “Whatever It Takes” I asked myself quite a few times why the heck I haven´t done this earlier!

          Where did you record these tracks at?
          We tracked the drums at Mastermix Studios Unterföhring in Germany. They have some great gear but the star of the
          show is their huge recording room which was built in the 80s I believe. Drums sound huge in this room and the kick
          drum is pure thunder already without any processing. Other than that everybody worked at their home studios and we
          sent files back and forth.

          If you had to tell someone what your music sounded like, what bands would you mention?
          Phew, hard to tell. I guess rather than a particular band I´d describe an era. I think soundwise we’re probably closest
          to rock productions of the late 80s early 90s. I don´t know, maybe sorta kinda think “Revenge” by Kiss with different

          Thank you for taking time for this interview and any last words to the fans?
                                               Thank you, too. Some words? Yeah, I´m really glad there still are enough of
                                               you rock guys out there. It saddens me that
                                               this music ain´t mainstream no more. That
                                               makes me appreciate the people who
                                               keep the flame burning even more.

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