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Captain Black Beard
   PAGE 16                                                                                                         ROCKNATION ISSUE  27

     Hello Captain Black Beard and welcome to Rocknation.
     Congrats on your 5th new album “Sonic Forces”.  Please tell us
     about your two favorite tracks and what they mean to you.
     Robert Majd: Thanks! My favorite tracks are probably “Sonic Forces”
     and “Midnight Cruiser”. The first one was written very fast. It was the last
     song we did. Me and Chris wrote it and it’s a nice reminder of what we
     can do together when our chemistry is in high gear. “Midnight Cruiser” is
     just a really cool song with some amazing keyboards and backing
     vocals. It shows Dave’s production at it’s finest. The song also reminds us
     of Björn ‘arm-swinger’ Strid from Night Flight Orchestra as he did a reaction video to it. Very cool!

     Who writes the music and lyrics in the band?
     Me and Chris wrote the music and brought it to Dave who then made quite a lot of changes in arrangements and song melodies.
     I’ve written most of the lyrics.

     How long has Captain Black Beard been together?
     The band was formed in 2009 and celebrated the 10th anniversary with a big event in Stockholm last year, together with
     Weapon UK, Osukaru, Wildness and The Grand Masquerade.

     You released a pro-shot video for “Young Hearts” what other videos do you have?
     We have quite a lot of them. From previous albums there’s “Somebody”, “Bad Girl”, “Aiming For Love”, “Divided Feelings”,
     “All The Pain”, “Dead End Street” and from “Sonic Forces” there’s “Headlights”. Then there’s videos put together with concert
     footage for “Time To Deliver” and “Sonic Forces”.

     Where did you record these tracks at?
     We recorded everything in Dave’s studio, Yardstreet Studios, in Solna. It’s a suburb close to Stockholm.

     You brought in producer Dave Dalone  the lead guitarist of HEAT . What was it like working with him?
     It was great! He’s an amazingly talented musician. He helped us reach another level.

     Your music has been getting airplay worldwide and CD reviews, please tell us about that.
     I think there’s two reasons behind that. The first is the quality of the album. As I said, I think we reached another level and really
     made our best album yet. The second reason is probably that we finally had some help form the label. This has not always been
     the case for us. It’s been really up and down. We were just a bit bummed out that we couldn’t get out there and tour in support of
     the album because of the pandemic.

     If you had to tell someone what your music sounded like, what bands would you
     It used to be a mix of KISS and Journey but now we might say it’s a mix of H.E.A.T
     and Night Flight Orchestra.

     Thank you for taking time for this interview and last words to the fans?
     Thank you for your time! I appreciate your interest in the band. We love the fans and
     the great response the new album has been getting! A lot of vinyls have been sold to
     the US as well. We’ve started a very cool fan club that you all should check out.
     You’ll get a membership card and a magazine three times a year.
     Go to to sign up. We’ve got more new music
     coming your way soon. Rock on!
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