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ROCKNATION ISSUE 27                                                                                                              PAGE 13

                                                                           The band recently made an appearance on the
                                                                           Monsters of Rock Live Stream. Please tell us about
                                                                           That was an absolute dream come true.  JC approached
                                                                           me and asked if I’d like for SteelCity to do the livestream
                                                                           for Monsters of Rock.  After the obvious YES, he went to
          work and obtained a date from Larry Morand.  We were very fortunate that both  Jason and Roy had fantastic working
          relations with the MORC enterprise and being on Perris was likely a BIG factor in our appearance there, as well. The
          experience itself was pretty surreal.  To see your name, your logo, on that stage?  Wow.  Just wow.  It was extremely
          humbling for all of us and such a blast!  And while we were hoping that Tony and BJ could make it, the Covid
          restrictions of their respective states made it near-impossible.  Kudos to Derrick Pontier, formerly of Jack Russell’s
          Great White and Adam Peri, for stepping in and helping to deliver the winning shot.  Response was great.  It seems
          like we got a lot of views and gained a lot of fans from that show!

          Your music has been getting airplay worldwide and CD reviews, please tell us about that.
          It’s a crazy thing.  Signing with Perris was like a birthday gift for me, as we inked that deal the day after my birthday.
          JC and I made the announcement at NAMM 2020. It was crazy for me because within a week, Tom had us doing over
          130 Radio ID’s for worldwide play.  I had a one-sheet in my inbox the day we signed.  I didn’t even know what that
          was!  Perris works really hard at getting you out there and having your music HEARD.  We noticed spikes in our digital
          streaming and actual album sales. All of this was happening despite Covid, as we had the dubious distinction of
          releasing our album, literally, as the world shut down. That was almost to the day, LOL!  It’s really cool to know that
          your music is played and well received where you never even dreamed someone would hear of SteelCity.

          If you had to tell someone what your music sounded like, what bands would you mention?
          You know, that’s a great question.  We’ve heard it all, regarding who we “sound like.”  We think we sound like
          SteelCity but our influences are so vast, we’ve heard everything from Europe, Winger, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Deep
          Purple...I think the coolest thing anyone’s ever said is that we sound like Journey on steroids!  In the end, we’re just
          happy that people LISTEN.

          Thank you for taking time for this interview and any last words to the fans?
          Thanks for the opportunity.  I’d love to give a shout out to all of our fan family and thank them for all the love and
          support.  We love seeing y’all at shows and chatting it up with you on social media.  Further, we can’t wait until this
          Covid craziness is over so our management team at Brad Lee Entertainment can get us on some stages and in front of
          YOU!  Keep on rockin’, y’all!

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