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   PAGE 12                                                                                                          ROCKNATION ISSUE 27

                      Interview with Mike Floros

       Hello Mike Floros from SteelCity and welcome to
       Rocknation.  Congrats on your album “Mach II”
       that was released on Perris Records.  Please tell us
       about your two favorite tracks and what they mean
       to you.
       Thanks for having me here.  We’re really excited to be
       a part of the Perris Records team. Wow, favorite two?
       That’s a tough call as they’re all pretty special to me. However, if I had to choose, it would be “Give It Back” and “Down to
       One.”   “Give It Back” is a really fun song and a great listen.  It’s really a blast to play, as well, and shows off the talent within
       the band from the opening sequence.  BJ Zampa blasts off with that double kick and then JC (Jason Cornwell, our
       bassist) and I just kind of have a duel on our instruments to follow.  Fireworks from jump!  Roy’s vocals on that song are
       pretty killer and we all loved what Tony Stahl came up with on keys.  Initially, he wasn’t sure what would fit and the song
       ended up sounding a bit like “symphonic Van Halen.”  True story?  The song started out as a joke about petty theft and
       morphed into what it is now. The other song that I’d say is a personal favorite is “Down to One.”  From the poignant intro,
       “Prayer for Love,” that Tony wrote until the final note, the song is basically an open love letter to my wife.  If one listens
       closely, the influences on this one are pretty obvious, as well.  The sonic inspirations behind it were “I’m Not That Man
       Anymore” by Survivor and “Desire Walks On” by Heart-two of my all-time favorite bands.  The words couldn’t be more true,

       Roy Cathey is the vocalist, did he write the lyrics or it is a collaboration between you both?
       Roy is an amazing vocalist.  To be honest, I’d never really heard Cold Sweat songs before I saw Roy live at Rock N Skull
       2017.  When I saw him perform, I was an immediate fan.  They guy just has it all.  The looks, the swagger, the voice...and
       that cool Bob Seger beard.  Top it all off?  He’s a great dude and a true Southern gentleman. As for your question, I’d
       already written the album when Roy got a hold of it.  However, as I told every single member of SteelCity, “This album is
       yours as much as it is mine.  The blueprint is there but by all means, make it your own.”  Roy called and suggested some
       edits on songs like “Hearts On Fire” and “I Cry.”  Those changes helped him have a better flow within the songs and
       ultimately, they made the songs stronger.  Those are the two that ended up as co-writes on this album.  As we delve further
       into the process of  becoming a band, one can only expect this process to grow.

       You released a lyric video for “Hearts On Fire” Please tell us about the making of it.
       That was a fun one to make.  The song itself is all about that feeling of playing live-something the whole band loves to do.
       There’s no greater feeling than walking on that stage, having the lights hit you, and seeing your fan family in that front row
       screaming their heads off to your songs.  We wanted to thank all of the people that support SteelCity by creating a video
       that reflects that.  What better way than to share pictures of us onstage and also hanging with our family at the gigs?

       Since the band is located in different states please tell us about the recording process.
       To say the least, it’s unique but it works for us. I demo all the instruments on the songs to completion and send the stems,
       along with a lyric sheet and demo MP3, to Ty Sims, our producer.  Ty will strip the stems down to just the guitars and send
       them to BJ for drums, then JC for bass, and Roy for vocals.  After that, Erik Johnson, a huge part of our production team,
       comes in and injects some life with his backing vocal ideas. Then, it’s on to Tony for the perfect amount of keyboard
                                                         greatness.  After any final guitar tweaks, Ty adds all the ingredients to make
                                                         SteelCity sound like it does.

                                                         Your CD is available through WOWHD overseas in 11 countries with
                                                          FREE SHIPPING. How has that helped the sales?
                                                          WOWHD has been a godsend for overseas sales.  Both Perris and our own
                                                          website,, had difficulties with overseas shipping due
                                                          to Covid.  Giving people the opportunity to buy your album with FREE
                                                          shipping helped avoid postal service shutdowns and expensive shipping
                                                          from the USA.  Truly a genius move from Tom and Perris Records to
                                                          utilize this firm for international distribution.  Visit, pick
                                                          your country from the top-left drop-down menu, and search for Steelcity
                                                          Mach II.  It’s that easy.  Love it.
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