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   PAGE 10                                                                                                          ROCKNATION ISSUE 27

                                       Interview with Richard Black

     Hello Richard from Shark Island and welcome to Rocknation. Congrats on your new album
     “BLOODLINE 2.020”. The CD was self released in 2018. What is different about this new version?
     Thank you for having me; Bloodline 2.020 is an updated version of Bloodline. Almost a year ago we
     released Bloodline to for our long time friends and followers. It sold out in no time and I am grateful for the
     support, also happy to have struck a chord with all, thank you. We found ourselves unable to keep up with
     the demand from all over the world, and partnered with DEKO to manage world distribution. Many were
     surprised and taken by the dark tune ‘ON and ON’. So in an effort to complete the fatalistic  muse idea,
     Christian Heilmann, and I wrote the companion song ’Someday’, that has been haunting me for a
     considerable amount of time. Although a reflection of myself, many have been brought to tears at the
     message it contains. It is largely for a mans point of view, but I have a feeling it can speak to women as
     well. This track will be added to 2.020, as well as a producers cut of ‘Rocks on the Rocks’. Personally I do
     not care for the producers cut, but some guitar people prefer it to the original. I’d be curious on the

     In the early 80’s I saw your band at a NAMM show and the bands name was The Sharks. One of
     the things I remember is you carrying flags across the stage, something original  I never saw that
     done before. You were very original in the stage moves and I’ve read you influenced many  famous
     singers. So the million dollar  question is why did you change your name to Shark Island from The
     Wow, way back; The band and particularly me have always been patriotic, even though that sentiment is not popular today, I still am. I have been fortunate
     to have travelled all over the world, and have enjoyed many beautiful places. My immigrant parents, left a communist country to start there family here in
     the US, I think it’s a good place to live so far, I guess that is why so many people are clamoring to come here. I hope it survives. Everyone likes their own
     bed, and  we’re used to our own stuff.  Yes, I’ve influenced  many, that’s good I suppose, I’ll take it as a complement. The group was a huge presents
     through the eighties, thousands of shows 6 to 7 days a week, between 2 and 4 shows a night. Lots of people watched how it was done, they wanted some,
     and they took it. Did the deed, made the deal, and there you have it. the rumors are true about  the music biz, and the entertainment biz really. I’ll die with
     my principals thank you. We are only here for a short time,  shouldn’t squander you character, that’s all you have in the end. Oh yes, the name change;
     Sharks was largely a cover band, and we became Shark Island when we went all original.

     The band played all the clubs on the Strip in Hollywood. What cool memories stand out the most about those times?
     The Strip, and and the surrounding area was indescribable in this short format, you must remember this was fairly long period of time. there was music,
     people, lots of people spilling over into the streets, sadly there is nothing like it today. the relationships, the interactions, every night was special in its own
     way. I could write a book on that alone. Keep in mind; no cell phones no internet, and that means no social media. it would be so difficult to describe here.
     Just magical. Imagine bar hopping a 20 block area, music everywhere, crowds as far as the eyes can seen. I miss it, and I’m certain it will never happen

     You have a video for “On and On” with Alex Kane,  are you planning on any more videos to be released?
     The On & On video was unplanned, the single was released right at the beginning of the covid nonsense. Working from our respective homes, we shot it on
     our cell phones, and sent it in for editing. it was fun, and of course very dark. We’ll do some more if the time is right, maybe our new single ’Someday’.

     Alex Kane who has many credits to his name including Life, Sex & Death, Richie Ramone and currently touring with Enuff Z’Nuff. Please tell us
     some details about working with him on this release
     Alex Kane played with the band on the ‘Monsters of Rock’ and we kept in touch When Manifest Music offered another album, we got to work, in old school
     fashion, and wrote the majority in my old studio in Pasadena. long, late hours; “sheding” we called it.

     Are you currently writing any new music for a future release?
     The last song I wrote was ‘Someday’ that is the one of the extra songs on 2.020 . we’ll see, I’m
     looking in a new direction.
     Will this CD be released in any other countries?
     Yes, the record has been accepted very well. Europe, South America, Japan, Australia, Russia.
     It’s going. Thank God!

     Thank you for taking time for this interview and any last words to the fans?
     Thank YOU, my pleasure. Get the record, the mechanical if you can afford it. It allows a much
     better cut for the creators. doing this sort of thing is not all fun and games. it’s a lot of work and a
     lot of sacrifice. If you enjoy this sort of music; we worked hard on it, and after a couple of listens,
     I think you won’t be disappointed.  to everyone, have a blessed day! Richard Black


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