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PAGE 6                                                                                                             ROCKNATION ISSUE 27

        Hello Jim from LastWorld and welcome to Rocknation. Congrats on your new
        album “ Over The Edge” that was released on Perris Records. How does it feel
        to have the 1st pressing sold out only 2 weeks after the release date?
        Good, Surprised, Great......Relieved... lol. To have a first pressing do well enough
        where the label wants more from you is awesome, but to get a second pressing, in
        today’s world, well, I’m grateful mostly of all.

        Who writes the lyrics David Cagle or it is a collaboration between each other.
        I wrote the lyrics for the first two albums, I’m open for David to do any writing if he
        wanted to... but for now I had written all the lyrics, I’ll do a vocal guide track (which
        I still apologize to David for having to listen to me screech) and then David takes that
        and brings it to life.

        How long has LastWorld been releasing music?
        Two album’s in two years now.  I have album #3 all written and recorded waiting for
        vocals.... 10 songs as of now, since we have time before we start to record vocals,
        I might have another 10 by then. Lol

        You released a lyric video for “What If I’m Right” will you be releasing anymore?
        Probably not for this album..... but for the next album I’ll probably put two together
        before the albums turned in... maybe even an actual video.

        You brought in JK Northrup (XYZ, King Kobra, Paul Shortino) to master this music. How did this affect the mix?
        Well, JK mastered LastWorlds First album Time and my solo album Jaded, what JK does is make the colors of the music
        bright.... you can say I made the coloring book with the mix, meaning a black and White picture,  and JK put all the colors
        in place and made it beautiful to look at, well in this case,  listen to.

        Your music has been getting airplay worldwide and CD reviews, please tell us about that.
        Well put it this way, Perris Records knows how to work an album... you can have the best songs in the world but if you just
        throw an album out there and HOPE people buy it, you might sell some but that’s it...So it feels great that we’re getting the
        airplay... but we owe the credit to Perris Records.

        Where did you record these tracks at?
        All music is recorded in my home studio and David does the vocals in his studio.

        If you had to tell someone what your music sounded like, what bands would you mention?
        It sounds like my influences and songs I liked growing as a musician. Lol,  vague? I know...
        I’ll do a short analysis...
        Judgment Day - Ozzy Bark at the Moon
        What if I’m Right - Def Leppard
        Never Enough - Journey
        Wasting My Time - Aldo Nova
        Tomorrow Is Another Day - Dokken
        I’ll stop there,  I could go on and on and on........... lol

        Thank you for taking time for this interview and any last words to the fans?
        Well I’m uncomfortable with the word FANS, if you bought, streamed, checked out,
        clicked like to any of our music,  you are now our friends... I’m pretty accessible....
        I’ve had people reach out to me on my personal page....I’ll accept friend requests
        and had some even ask if they can send me the CD covers and sign them and send
        back.... I’ll do it. Like I said,  I’m grateful and won’t say no to things like that... thank
        you for the interview.

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