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     Hello Bill and welcome to Rocknation. Congrats to your new
     “Divided We Fall” release. Please tell us about the title and what
     that song is about to you.
     Thank you for having me. “Divided We Fall” is a song about
     humanity. It’s a call to unify us, find common ground, put our
     differences aside and work together. If we do work together, we
     can thrive. If we don’t, we will fall.
     How long did it take to finish this release?
     I worked off and on for over 6 years, working on one song at a
     time. This was an approach that worked well for me because
     I was able to focus on one song instead of 10. I think that each
     song benefitted from that. I really wanted to make sure that the
     songs were as good as I could get them.
     Are you writing any songs for a new Firehouse release yet?
     At this time, we all have ideas and hopefully, we’ll get together to
     work on them.
     How has the pandemic affected you?
     It’s been really tough not being able to play live. That’s our thing.
     We love to play live shows and they were just snatched away. We’re all really jonesing to get back out and play again.
     While we were locked down, I was able to finish the last song for my DIVIDED WE FALL album, so the timing of that was
     extremely fortunate.
     Have you ever thought about bringing in any guest vocalist on your solo work?
     I haven’t yet. Maybe one day, but right now, I want to sing my songs. I wrote them with my voice in mind, so I might as
     well sing them.
     The first time I saw your band was on the Blood Sweat & Beers Tour of 1991 with Warrant & Trixter. What special
     moment stands out the most on that tour?
     There were so many. We got up and Jammed with Trixter and Warrant every night, and every night was an absolute
     blast. We were playing the biggest venues in the country. We played in Chicago at The World Amphitheater on that tour
     one night to over 40,000 people, so that would be a stand-out gig.
     What Solo and Firehouse plans do you have for 2021?
     We want to get back out on the road and play FireHouse gigs! This is our 30 year anniversary of the release of our debut
     album, so we’re playing our first album from start to finish, then we play some of our other fan favorites. On days off,
     I want to write songs and keep growing as an artist.
     Thank you for taking time for this interview and any last words to the fans?
     Thank you so much for all of your support. I hope to see you on tour this year!!


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