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PAGE 4                                                                                                           ROCKNATION ISSUE 27

                                                                                                       Interview with Brian Vollmer

      Hello Brian from HELIX and welcome to Rocknation. Congrats on your new album “Eat Sleep Rock” that was
      released on Perris Records. How does it feel to have the 1st pressing sold out 2 weeks before the release date?
      Brian:  It’s a pleasant surprise.  I find that 80’s metal/rock is having a resurgence due to COVID.  People are listening to those
      old albums & CDs and yearning for a time long gone now.  Those bands remind them of big hair, big concerts, & good times.
      My airplay royalty checks have tripled.

      The band is blowing up the airplays with radio stations/podcast and interviews about the new release. It seems
      more people are focusing on new music being shut down during this pandemic.Even though this is a compilation
      featuring some new music, did you ever think you would get this big of a reaction on Eat Sleep Rock?
      Brian: Never really thought about it.  Whenever I put together an album/CD my focus is on the music, not sales or “…who
      is going to like it…”  My theory is that if I like it then somebody else will as well.   I read that in an interview somewhere by
      someone famous long ago and I’ve stuck by that principle myself.  Being in the business for almost 50 years now, if I got
      excited or depressed whenever a bad/good review comes out, or when a CD does or doesn’t sell, I’d have a fucking heart
      attack.  LOL.  I’m in the business for the duration, so that stuff is nice, but ultimately irrelevant except from a money
      standpoint.  Money is what it takes to run this machine called HELIX, so that’s a good thing.
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