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ROCKNATION ISSUE 27                                                                                                                 PAGE  7

                                                                 HELIX                                  For more information visit:

                                                           “Eat Sleep Rock”                  

                                                              Catalog # PER5832
                                                         UPC Barcode 670573058328
                                                 Featuring 2 new unreleased studio tracks.


                                                                 “Mach II”
                                                              Catalog # PER5752
                                                         UPC Barcode 670573057529
                                               For fans of Bon Jovi, Winger, Europe & Giant.

                                                       BILL LEVERTY

                                                          “DIVIDED WE FALL”

                                                            For fans of FIREHOUSE.
                                                          Bill Leverty’s new solo CD.
                                                          Available at Perris Records.

                                                         Miss Crazy

                                                             “Miss Crazy”

                                                           Catalog # PERR580.2
                                                       UPC Barcode 747014546420
                                                     For fans of Cinderella, AC/DC.

                                                       100 WATT SHINE

                                                           “100 WATT SHINE””

                                               For fans of Brother Cane, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Point
                                                             Blank & Southern rock.
                                                           Available at Perris Records.

   CDS NOW AVAILABLE                           THE MIDNIGHT DEVILS

     AT ALL FINE MUSIC                           “Something Bigger” Digipak CD.

   STORES INCLUDING:                              For fans of Poison, Pretty Boy Floyd, KISS,
                                                          Twisted Sister & Motley Crue.
                                                           Available at Perris Records.
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